Vegeta and Bulma: A Love Story

By Cherokee Chick

Disclaimer: I do not own DB/Z/GT, I just borrowed them. DON’T SUE!!!!!!! Also, no one is allowed to copy this story. This includes changing one or two tiny details. Enjoy!

Part I

"VEGETA! GET YOUR SORRY SAIYIAN ASS IN HERE RIGHT NOW!" "Kami, can’t he go two months without destroying that GT?" Bulma thought.

She sighed. Since Vegeta moved into the Capsule Corp (CC) three months ago, he had destroyed her best training device, the gravity room, eight times. This took eight days of Bulma’s valuable research time and turned them into construction days. Normally, Bulma just fixed the GT without a word to anyone, though she muttered obscenities to herself the entire time. Today, though, was different. She had been within about a minute of making a major breakthrough on her newest and almost perfect machine, The Beauty Beam.

The Beauty Beam was made as a gift for Bulma’s mother, though it was not yet perfected. Basically, what it did was stop or reverse the signs of aging. That meant that Mrs. Briefs could reverse her look to appear twenty-eight, then stop aging. The machine did not make you immortal though, so Mrs. Briefs would die a ninety-five year old who appeared to be twenty-eight.

Bulma had been working on the formula that would perfect the Beauty Beam when yet another explosion had shaken the lab and knocked the machine over, causing it to shatter. At first, Bulma just sat there, stunned, eyes wide with shock. About five seconds later, though, she was full of a rage that could rival even Vegeta’s. She had been working on this machine for months, and now he destroyed it in seconds! Bulma didn’t even get up to see how much damage Vegeta had done to the GT; she had to deal with Vegeta himself first.

"VEGETA! I SAID GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW!" she screamed again.

A few seconds later, the saiyian prince stormed into the room. He had undoubtedly been training to his limit and beyond, for his entire body, including the towel around his neck, was drenched with sweat. He was wearing nothing but his black spandex shorts, and Bulma quickly took notice of this.

" Kami, if he wasn’t such an asshole all the time, I’d kill to have him as a boyfriend instead of Yamcha. She thought. "Damn! Just look at that body of his! He’s so—wait! What am I thinking? Hello? This is VEGETA! I hate him!"

"What do you want, woman? The GT is broken, so be quick about talking and go fix it." Vegeta snapped.

"First of all, my name is Bulma, not woman. Second, do you have any idea what you just did?" yelled Bulma. "You just destroyed my newest project and it’ll take weeks to rebuild it!"

"Do you honestly think I care? Now go fix the GT before I blow this place sky-high and you really have something to whine about," said Vegeta.

Bulma, however, had a smirk on her face that usually only Vegeta wore. "You wouldn’t do that," she said.

"Oh really? Just watch me," said Vegeta, aiming a ki-blast at the ground.

"Well, that’d be a shame, since then there’d be no one to fix your precious GT," replied Bulma coolly.

The ki-blast disappeared and Vegeta, muttering one curse after another, left the room. It seemed, at least for now, that she would get some peace and quiet around here. One thought still troubled her though. When Vegeta had entered the room, she should have screamed at him in a huge rage. Instead, she became lost in a world of her own as she admired his body. She sighed. It was nothing.

"It’s all right to think Vegeta, or any guy, is cute. Just as long as I don’t have any other feelings for him, it’s fine," she assured herself. With that, she set off to fix the saiyian prince’s beloved GT.


Meanwhile, Vegeta stood in the shower thinking. "Why was she staring at me like that?" he thought. "She hates me and I hate her. It’s just the way things have always been. Hell, it’s the one thing we do agree on!" Vegeta stepped out of the shower. "She couldn’t possibly love me. Not with that idiot boyfriend of hers, Yamcha, always running around." This reassured Vegeta, and he began to walk down the hall to his room.


Bulma sat in her room. She had ordered five pizzas for dinner since she didn’t feel like cooking. Two of them were for her and her parents, who would be home in an hour, and three were for Vegeta. Just then, the doorbell monitor rang. "That must be the pizza," Bulma said to herself as she walked to her desk. She turned on the monitor. Sure enough, the pizza man stood impatiently at the door.

Bulma dashed out her door to the elevator (she was on the third floor and had to get to the door before the pizza guy figured no one was home.) As she tore down the hall, she turned around, still running, to aim a remote at her door to lock it. Unfortunately, before she turned the right way again, she ran into what felt like a steel wall.

There stood Vegeta, still in nothing but a towel.

"Where the hell are you going in such a hurry?" he snapped.

Bulma said nothing. Once again, the sight of Vegeta’s nearly naked body overwhelmed her, and all she could do was stare.

"Hello? I said where are you going? Woman! What are you looking at? Answer me!" yelled Vegeta.

"Oh! I, umm…." Stuttered Bulma. "Oh yeah, I’m going to get your dinner. Unless, of course, the pizza guy left alrea--- Hey! What are you doing?"

Without a word, Vegeta had jumped out the window and flown down to the pizza man.

"Oh well, at least now I know for sure we’ll get the pizza. Vegeta sure flew down there fast enough… OH SHIT!" screamed Bulma, then tore down the stairs.

When she got to the front door, though, she saw she was too late. All that was there was Vegeta holding five pizza boxes. Lying next to him was a smoking pile of ashes, on top of which lay the charred remains of a pizza delivery boy hat.

"Vegeta! You have to stop blowing up the pizza men or they’ll never deliver to us again!" Bulma yelled.

Every time Vegeta met a delivery man at the door, the poor man never got away. Vegeta had no concept of money, and the delivery man wouldn’t leave until he was paid. In order to get rid of him, Vegeta blew him up. One week, Vegeta had been in a particularly nasty mood and had used the poor pizza men as target practice. Sure enough, this time, Vegeta’s excuse was no different.

"He asked for money. I told him I had none, but he kept pestering me, so I blew him up." Vegeta replied as if he had been asked what day it was.

Bulma, although mad, could not help but see this situation as rather funny and burst out laughing.

"Sorry Vegeta," she said when she recovered from her laughing fit. "But you’ve got to admit, it is funny."

"I fail to see the humor in that, Baka. I blew him up, so what?" growled Vegeta before walking into the house.

Bulma sighed. "If only he’d smile every now and then," she said to herself. With that, she followed Vegeta into the house.


Inside, Bulma slowly ate her pizza and watched Vegeta scarf down a whole slice in two bites. Once his three pizzas were gone, he began to open Mr. And Mrs. Briefs’ pizzas. Bulma, however, grabbed his arm before it could reach the box.

"Don’t even think about it," she said flatly, as though Vegeta were no more dangerous than a two-year old child.

Vegeta was stunned. No human, or saiyian for that matter, had ever done that to him before. Normally, they just let him do whatever he wanted, and then begged for mercy if they made him angry. Yet this little woman who he could kill without a second thought had just told him what to do. It was almost as if she had saiyian qualities herself.

"Yes, with a silky blue tail and the strength of a saiyian, she would make the perfect mate…Wait! What am I thinking?" Vegeta almost yelled at himself out loud for thinking of something so weak and outrageous.

Surely, he thought, this foolish baka was not worthy of being the great prince Vegeta’s mate?

He jerked his arm away with such force that Bulma almost fell off her chair.

"Don’t touch me, baka," he spat. He then stormed out of the kitchen, no doubt to go and train some more.


That night, Bulma sat at her mirror, absentmindedly brushing her hair. It was obvious now. She loved Vegeta and she was sure that he had some feelings for her as well. She had seen the stunned look on his face at dinner that night. After that, she had seen the faraway look in his eyes that told her his guard was down and he was thinking of her. But that damned pride of his kept him from ever letting out his true feelings.

She ran her comb through her hair again, the long blue waves of silk falling loosely down her back. Just then, the idea came to her, just like that. An evil grin spread over her face. She knew how to get Vegeta to let his feelings out; she just had to be bold. She could not seem nervous around him in any way tonight or the rest of the week.

She went to her closet. Quickly skimming through her various pajamas, she quickly decided on her skimpiest pair.

The top of the fabric was black but see through. The bottom, well, there wasn’t one. The skimpy nightwear ended in a bikini-like bottom.

After putting it on, she sprayed herself with her favorite perfume. It was called "Temptress," and she only wore it when she thought that one of her dates would be spending the night. She then put on some sexy make-up and brushed her hair till it shone. It was now 11:45, and she knew that Vegeta always came downstairs at night to eat before going to bed at midnight.

Bulma went downstairs and set a hidden camera to record until 12:30 AM. She then went over to the couch and laid down on it. If she was lucky, Vegeta would think that she had laid on the couch to read and fallen asleep. Of course, she wouldn’t really be asleep, but if she opened her eyes and Vegeta knew that she was awake, the plan would be ruined.

Bulma curled up on the couch and closed her eyes. Sure enough, Vegeta soon entered the room.

"Mmmmm… she said, pretending to be asleep.

When she felt Vegeta coming towards the source of the sound, she stretched her body out, showing off her revealing "pajamas". As much fun as this was, she was getting a little tired…

Bulma awoke the next morning to the sun shining in her face.

"Damn, why did I fall asleep?" she asked herself.

Then she remembered. The camera! She ran over to it, popped out the tape, and darted up to her room. Once she got to her room, she almost threw the movie in the VCR and began to watch the tape.

She watched Vegeta enter the room wearing nothing but his spandex training shorts. Remembering that she was not watching this tape to stare at Vegeta, she continued to watch herself.

"Mmmmm… she heard herself say.

Surprised, Vegeta turned to the source of the noise. He hadn’t noticed her. Slowly, he walked over to the sofa. Bulma zoomed in. When Vegeta noticed what she was wearing, a look of shock came over his face. Bulma laughed out loud. She had never seen Vegeta look like that before. She watched herself, and knew that by this point, she was truly asleep.

"Kami, I hope I don’t start to snore," she thought to herself.

Then she noticed something. It was Vegeta. His guard was completely down, and he was allowing his eyes to run hungrily over her exposed body.

"Damn!" Bulma thought. If only she had been awake, she could have actually seen this.

She continued to watch the tape, desperate to see if Vegeta would do something more. Just then, the screen turned blue and the tape ended.

"Damn," Bulma said again. "Oh, well, at least now I know that phase one of this little plan of mine is done. Now what should I do for phase two? Hmmm, I guess the next logical step would be to let him catch me in something revealing while I’m awake…"


Bulma stepped out of the shower. As she brushed out her long blue hair, she tried to convince herself that what she was doing was for her own good. Nevertheless, she was incredibly embarrassed

Bulma’s plan was simple, yet risky. If her efforts to make this situation looked too much like she was faking it (which she would be), then Vegeta would see right through her plans and possibly never speak to her again.

She planned to wait around the corner, and then when Vegeta came, she would pretend to be in a hurry and run to her room. Of course, she "wouldn’t see him," and run right into him. The shock, of course, would cause her towel to fall off (she had already been working on a way to tie the towel around herself so that the slightest bump would cause it to fall off on its own.

"Well, here goes nothing!" thought Bulma. With that, she tied the towel in her special way and ran out the door.

"Gotta get ready…in…time…to meet Yamcha." She pretended to say in a very tired voice. Vegeta, of course, had no idea that she had broken up with Yamcha in order to get to him.

When she got to the corner, she stopped. This was it. If she was going to change her mind, she had to do it now. Now or never. She waited at the corner, and when she saw Vegeta, she ran right out in front of him. Just as planned, her towel fell off. Then she looked up, and saw something she never expected to see…