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Come on in . . . if you dare . . .
artwork (c) Murasaki Rose

Strange things are happening inside.
Please keep in mind, we're all crazy here . . .
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Hosted Sites:
A haven for DBZ fans of *all* tastes.
Dueling Hearts - A YGO site made with older fans in mind.
Kokoro Pazaru - The official  Yugi x Seto fanlisting
Eclipse - The official Yugi x Yami Bakura fanlisting
Tenshi - A Yugi Shrine and fanlisting collective
The Asylum Annex - Coming Soon!
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Please do not take anything from the Asylum without permission.  Many of the graphics here were made by me specifically for MY site.  Yami and Hikari Murasaki Rose belong to ME, steal them and I will hunt you down.  All other characters within these sites are the property of their respective creators and I do not own them.  I am also making no money off them, this is just a network of fansites and fanlistings created for fun.